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Video: Owner-operator and Highway Hero finalist Brian Bucenell ends a police chase

| April 03, 2018

Va.-based owner-operator Brian Bucenell, who runs leased to U.S. Bulk, you may recall from the ELD mandate protests last October. His 2002 Pete, powered by a 1990s Cummins N14, was parked up at the Doswell Truck Stop in Va. that week, and I talked a bit with Bucenell and independent Rob Hallahan on the night before the demonstrations kicked off about the accident they’d come upon the night they hauled into the D.C. area.

That wasn’t the only dramatic incident at which Bucenell provided on-highway assistance in 2017, turns out. The owner-operator also helped police end a high-speed chase at the 107 mile marker on I-80 in Ohio. Catch it below in this Dashcam Central edition on Channel 19.

The video above, from the dashcam of one of the tailing police vehicles, shows the action as Bucenell and another hauler effectively block the fleeing car after a construction zone eliminates the possibility of the car passing in the left lane.


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Bucenell then ultimately slows the vehicle with continued blocking before sandwiching the auto between his dump trailer and the guardrail on the right shoulder.

The trailer got a scratch, the custom power unit was untouched, and the officers obliged him with a clean white-glove Level 1 inspection just after. As he told Movin’ Out’s Steve Pollock, “The DOT officer did me a favor, U.S. Bulk gives us a $200 bonus for each clean Level 1 inspection.”

Bucenell was subsequently one of three truckers who were named finalists for Goodyear’s long-running Highway Hero program recognizing truckers for their on-highway assistance to motorists, police and others. The honor followed the above incident being memorialized in this story in Movin’ Out magazine.

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