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Carolyn Magner

When pigs fly

| December 04, 2012

Want to run with the fun kids? A few years ago, trucker writer/runner Jeff Clark and I formed the Facebook group, Truckin’ Runners and waited to see if anyone would join. It’s a group for runners/walkers/cyclists or anyone interested in trying to become more physically fit. After a few days of just the two of us as members, word started to get out. The group now has 123 members and it’s an incredibly supportive, active bunch that share tips about good trails near truck stops and wax on about anything from black toenails to energy drinks.

A few days ago, trucker/runners Jeff Clark, Pete Mycek and Bill Baker posted the link to Cincinnati’s popular, funky, Flying Pig Marathon, (May 2, 2013) and everyone got excited about the idea. You can sign up for the whole thing, half, 5k, 10k, relays or cheering sections.

What a way to bust trucker stereotypes! I plan to follow the progress of the event through this blog. If you are interested in learning more about it, head over to Facebook, Trucking’ Runners and ask to join. Jeff or I will let you in.

Run on!

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