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Guess who CARB’s biggest tipsters are…

| September 17, 2013

According to the L.A. Times, the California Air Resources Board is getting the most help in enforcing its powertrain upgrade regs, with a big deadline for small fleets and owner-ops upcoming at the end of the year, from, well, truckers themselves. 

Reporting by Tony Barboza published in the Times yesterday reveals that some fleets, having invested in upgrades to satisfy either the Statewide Truck & Bus Rule or the more stringent Drayage Rule (which will require any truck entering a California port to be running 2007 or later engine emissions technology at the end of the year), are reporting competing fleets who’ve put off upgrades given CARB’s seemingly limited ability to enforce its own rules. Such lax enforcement has been reported here, too, notably among commenters, one of whom delivered this message to Overdrive readers back in June

I live and operate in [California]. You guys should keep coming out here. They have only 100 enforcement people to take care of this debacle. The chances of getting caught are like playing the lottery. Everyone here is still running their junk. I have upgraded and am suffering the ills of making big payments. I am compliant, reluctantly.

From Barboza’s reporting, it sounds like the kind of trucking solidarity such comments evoke is increasingly not the rule of the day out West. “Truckers are also the No.1 tipsters” to CARB, writes Barboza, “placing anonymous calls and sending emails to finger competitors they say are gaining an unfair advantage by not upgrading their engines or installing expensive filters that capture harmful diesel particulates before they are released into the air.”

Overdrive has some in-depth reporting on the California issue upcoming in the October issue, likewise online here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

California’s aggressive regulatory climate provoked this sentiment, which has circulated online in different forms. Kentucky-based owner-operator Chris Thomas made stickers of this version he planned to offer up to anyone who wanted one.

California’s aggressive regulatory climate provoked this sentiment, which has circulated online in different forms. Kentucky-based owner-operator Chris Thomas made stickers of this version he planned to offer up to anyone who wanted one. Find him via his website.

In the meantime, read the L.A. Times story via this link, and here’s a round-up of our coverage from the past six months or so: 

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  • g

    Bribery is commonplace in MANY foreign countries..including MEXICO…you just Bribe the “official” and you are free to go…these CARB COPS and many times DOT will take MONEY and “perks” and/or are Blackmailed to look the other way…..this is happening today….Money Talks. Why should some low paid Carb Cop be SO concerned about a few air particles..when he needs MONEY??

  • Guest

    “Carb Enforcement Offical” how hilarious…another rediculous
    Government Job is “IDLE COP”…..Ive seen them “Make The Bust” at Pilot in Hesparia on a Roasting Day….a husband and wife were dragged out of their truck and issued a $300 citation for idling at NOON while sleeping….Thank YOU Adolph Hitler…….making it safe for everyone.

  • William McKelvie

    Truckers ratting out other truckers? Shame on you, Karma can be a nasty element.

  • Guest

    Trucker shut down is planned Oct 11-13..get Home and Stay there…unless you join the Convoy to Washington DC..they will have a rally and make demands known…when they see that One Million truckers are at Home…No Freight Service..they will want to talk with truckers…..

  • montana

    Oct 11-13 is a Friday, Sat and Sun. Do you really think a Trucker Shutdown over a WEEKEND is really going to make any damn bit of difference? Shippers won’t care, they are closed, Consignees won’t care, they are closed and truckers are probably taking a restart…so just who is this going to effect or help?

  • James

    Quite simply amused by this anymore. It will all take place soon enough, some of us may get caught with our pants down. I remember when the state of CA required you to have your engine decal and manufacture date there of on your oil cooler. With no warning, they were handing out $350.00 citations, not fix it tickets, over something so miniscule. They will begin writing citations when one least expects it, that’s how this state works. If one plans to run there, better be prepared…

  • JOHN D.


  • Mark French

    Ahh yea right! if so not very well organized! This is the first I heard of it!

  • Mark French

    Guess who could give two shits about CARB or the state of Comifornia! ME!

  • Ceausescu

    A well it’s remind me at a Communist country where everybody was an informant, there we go…..

  • Cali trucker

    Karma is BS! I was not going to call out the non compliant operators because I felt it was not my job or in my values.
    But these operators that choose to stick their heads in the sand and operate cheap are taking money out of my pocket!
    I am struggling to pay the payments on my compliant trucks
    why shouldnt they struggle also? I will rat um all out this is about survival!

  • Guest

    Well it is a Start and is Important…Lots of attention on Google now about this Trucker Shut Down…next time it could be an entire week….Take in sick…just dont drive..lets get 1 Million Drivers on the same page…we can shift this POWER as needed..we need to BAND is now or never as you may have noticed…??

  • Guest

    Google Trucker Shut Down Oct 11 2013…lots of articles..the announcement was only a couple days ago….could be fun…nothing to LOSE thats for damn sure??

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Exactly what I was thinking. Read a story once about how East Germany used to be…children reporting their parents, neighbors spying on other neighbors, etc…reported to the government for any broken rules. Sound familiar? Where the heck has the United States I grew up in gone to?

  • Steve

    I quit running in this stupid state 2 years ago and have made more money and never felt better.

  • Wayne Trower

    You want things to change??? Park that damn truck. Not just for a weekend either. Afraid of losing your job? You might. Get another with another carrier. There are not enough Americans who want to be truck drivers to fill every job slot.
    PARK THOSE TRUCKS… For 1 week, watch CARB dissappear and fuel prices fall thru the floor.
    You want things to change???

  • Wayne Trower

    John D. Your right this is a money thing and not just the state of California, these big trucking companies need to make a stand as well. Everyone needs to tell California to go to the hot place. But these big trucking companies are seeing this as a way of making even bigger profits, even though there is no way they will be able to keep up with the demand.

  • g

    Truckers To Shut Down America is New on Facebook..they have 2 million hits…Convoy to the Capitol is planned Oct 11-13 and asking for a shut down if you cant make the convoy.

  • guest

    Truckers To Shut Down America….new on Facebook..already has 2million hits..planned Convoy to
    DC on Oct 11-13.

  • Indie Trucker

    This talk of the “trucker code” cracks me up. I got other owners asking me how much my rate is so they can try to steal my freight. They won’t answer you on a CB when you ask for a road report. Won’t flash you over or thank you in return when passing. I can’t remember the last time a driver had a positive thing to say about anything. I may not be going to California myself anymore, but I understand how someone forks over the money to play might get ticked off about someone else running illegal.

  • Clayton Mallinson

    The way you feel, sir, would bring a tear to my eye, not only for the great American Owner-Operator, but for our country as a whole, if I had any left to shed. Also, unlike yourself, I feel no need to speak anonymously. Keep dancing the government’s jig: After all, they have our best interests at heart, right?!? We are paying them to destroy our country. It won’t be long. To the rest of you all, BEST WISHES on the 11th. Choke DC for me.

  • John

    Fuel tanker yankers need to stop hauling that precious commodity about the 8th. By the 11th, there won’t be any diesel for the big trucks, so they’ll have to shut down. And no gas for the 4wheelers, will have them screaming for the gov’t to listen to the truckers. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.