Exide charged up over Extreme Cycler 200 battery

Exide’s Extreme Cycler 200 battery is a Group 31 product engineered to handle not just the high-energy needs of a modern commercial vehicle, but the greater power demands driven by no-idle legislation. The product is designed to provide deeper discharge, more vibration resistance and higher cycling than conventional flooded product.

Available with a power level of 700 cold-cranking amps (CCA) and 200 minutes reserve capacity (RC), the flooded product is a bridge between the company’s pre-existing Group 31 product lines and its RoadForce AGM-200 battery, a premium valve-regulated absorbed glass mat product. Further, the maintenance-free battery is designed to offer a 50 percent longer cycle life and three times better vibration protection than conventional flooded product.

Design elements of the Extreme Cycler 200 include:

  • Flooded epoxy anchor bonding for increased durability and service life in high-vibration environments;
  • Reinforced ribbed case to reduce case distortion and unify component stability;
  • Combination of a robust container, cover and construction and inter-cell connectors large enough to provide superior vibration resistance – three times that of conventional product – for longer life;
  • Heavier terminal connections that provide additional physical strength and durability;
  • Screw-in caps with rubber gaskets that help to assure no leaks, which can cause corrosion while providing accessibility;
  • Manifold venting that includes superior acid and liquid retention rings for reduced corrosion;
  • Oversized cast-on straps that increase electrical efficiency to assure the maximum cranking amps are available for engine start; and
  • Molded lifting slots to allow for easy installation.

    For more information, go to www.exide.com.