IdleAire resumes services

IdleAire is providing electrification at four truck stops and expects to reopen three more this week and restart an additional 12 sites.
Officials at New York-based Convoy Solutions, IdleAire’s parent company, said they are attempting to reopen as many original sites as possible and are researching opening new locations. They do not expect to open all sites that were previously operated.
Earlier this year, a small group of investors bought Tennessee-based IdleAire, which had as many as 131 locations in 34 states.

TA said in May it expected to remove equipment from its company-owned locations, although IdleAire has reached agreement with some franchise TA/Petro owners to restart services.
The company closed Jan. 29 after its owners of the previous 18 months didn’t find a buyer. They had acquired the company after it declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008, which was converted to Chapter 7 a year later.

Idleaire CEO Mike Fielden said earlier this summer that when his company resumes operations, it will honor unused balances remaining on customer IdleAire cards.
More information on locations is available at
Several companies also offer truck electrification, including New York’s ShorePower Technologies. A year ago, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded $22.2 million to Oregon’s Cascade Sierra Solutions, a non-profit organization advancing truck stop electrification infrastructures. CSS partnered with ShorePower Technologies to install Shorepower Truck Electrified Parking Space, or STEPS, systems at 50 truck stops nationwide.