Truck parking issues

Updated Mar 16, 2012

I learned today a new truck parking spot in Sacramento, Calif. Learned by discovering it near this morning’s delivery.

Diane and I drove overnight on a cross-country run from Upstate New York to Sacramento. The delivery was completed this morning.

When we leased our truck to FedEx Custom Critical, one of the things I liked about California was that it was usually easy to find a place on the street to park the truck. Our new carrier, Landstar Express America, has a strict rule against parking a truck on the street, highway shoulder or ramp. They are serious. Your contract will be instantly terminated if you violate this rule.

I still like running in California but we must now take a different approach when it comes to truck parking. Today’s find was an open lot in a larger vacant lot in which a roach coach was set up to do business all day. No parking restrictions were posted. No trucks were parked there when we spotted the place but I expect it us frequently used for truck parking. We marked it as a favorite in our GPS.

Parking was not an issue today. The consignee allowed us to park in her lot while we did paperwork and waited for our next load. In less than an hour we were dispatched on a load that picks up 80 miles away and goes to Texas. It picks up this afternoon, which gives us time to take a nice nap in place.

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