No freight today

Updated May 10, 2012

I learned today more about the Bogan case. See my comments in yesterday’s blog entry.

Diane and I woke up this morning at our delivery near San Diego, Calif. We picked up the load on Friday in Texas and had an easy run over the weekend. The parking lot where we spent the night was quiet and the weather was great. It is always a treat to sleep with the sleeper windows open and we got to do that last night.

After the delivery we waited a while for load offers and none were received. We headed to the Ontario East TA truck stop in time to avoid the afternoon rush hour. Fuel and showers are there but the main reason we went was to visit with other expediters who can usually be found there. The freight opportunities are better too.

We saw three other Landstar Express America trucks there and a number of others from other carriers. We felt some relief when the Landstar drivers told us they had received no load offers either. We found no freight to haul today but now knew that we had done everything we could to find some. Landstar agents cannot dispatch freight they do not have, and today was simply one of those days where there was no freight to be found.

By no freight to be found, I mean no freight worth hauling. There is always freight to haul if we want to run at money-losing rates. Like the other Landstar drivers we talked to today, we believe it better to wait for good freight than to donate our truck to shippers who will happily profit from our willingness to run for free or less.

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