Caterpillar partners with nautral gas engine developer

Westport's 15-liter natural gas engineWestport's 15-liter natural gas engine

Natural gas engine developer Westport Innovations has signed agreements with Caterpillar to co-develop natural gas technology for off-road equipment, including mining trucks and locomotives, the companies announced this week.

Caterpillar and Westport will combine technologies, like Westport’s High Pressure Direct Injection tech and Caterpillar’s off-road engine and machine product technology. Caterpillar will fund the development program. When the products go to market, Westport expects to supply components.

While the agreements initially focus on engines used in mining trucks and locomotives, the companies also plan to develop natural gas technology for Caterpillar’s off-road engines, which are used in a variety of electric power, industrial, machine, marine and petroleum applications worldwide.

Development programs will start immediately for both new and existing engines, combustion technology and fuel systems. Commercial production is expected to begin in about five years.