How low can you go

I ran across a story today about a trucker who tried to go through a tunnel in Mobile, Ala., that was only 12 feet high. Of course, that didn’t work and traffic was backed up for several hours while the crews removed the damaged trailers.

The driver blamed his GPS . Police say the driver failed to heed warnings from flashing lights that his rig was too high.

While this was an unfortunate costly mistake for the driver, it reminded me of a joke I read years ago in Readers Digest.

A trucker became lost, took a wrong turn and got stuck in a covered bridge that was too low for the tractor-trailer. Finally a policeman made his way through the traffic backup and  approached the trucker.

“Stuck? asked the policeman.

“No, I was trying to deliver this damn bridge when I got lost,” the truck shot back.

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