Truckers News photo contest winner

Lisa Weddle's prize-winning photo.

Lisa Weddle has passed the old dump truck pictured here on her way to work with Oberkramer Contracting as transportation supervisor in Labadie, Mo., nearly every day for a long time. Little did she know the opportunity she’d have when Truckers News launched its monthly photo contests in July via the “Photographer: Truckers News Photo Group” on photo-sharing site

Weddle is the winner of the contest for July with this photo on the contest theme of “Junked or Forgotten Trucks and Trailers.” Her photo will be published in Truckers News’ September issue, and she receives a photo book by Harold Davis, Creative Night: Digital Photography Tips & Techniques. Davis is well-known for his experimental and vibrant realistic night landscapes.

The August contest theme is “Cityscapes.”

Following are entry rules for photo group members. Truckers interested in joining for free should visit the group site for more information.

TO enter August’s contest:
1. Post your appropriately themed, high-resolution (around 1,500 by 900 pixels will be needed for publication in the magazine) photo to the pool by midnight Aug. 31.
2. Send an email with your full name, location/mailing address and your trucking business’ profile in brief (who you drive for or whether you run on your own authority as an owner-operator) to Truckers News Senior Editor Todd Dills at [email protected] — include “photo contest” in the subject line and a link to the original Flickr location of your entered picture.