Trucker image improving

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Dear Carolyn,

I am dating a long-haul truck driver who is very fit, very healthy and very smart. We run together and met at a marathon training clinic. When I tell people about how great my guy is, they don’t believe me. I’ve never gone out with a trucker before but I don’t understand the negative stereotypes associated with trucking. My brother is a lawyer who is tending bar at Ruby Tuesday’s and my sister is an unemployed history major who will never be able to pay off her grad school loans. I don’t care what people think but I’m surprised at their ignorance.

Lucky Lucy

Dear Lucy,

In my opinion, the negative image about trucking is getting better as more Americans develop an appreciation for professions that offer steady income for a hard day’s work. The idea that a trucker can’t be healthy and fit is changing as more truckers take control of their diet and begin exercising. Sure, it’s still an underappreciated, underpayed and misunderstood profession, but it’s gradually becoming “retro cool” to go into trucking.

You sound like you hit the jackpot. Good for you!


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