Fuel Direct promotes XP3 fuel treatment product at GATS

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Fuel Direct promoted its XP3 fuel treatment product at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas this week.

The product prevents algae from growing, disperses water, cleans and lubes valves, cylinder heads and injectors, reduces emissions and improves mileage the company says.

Fuel Direct founder Michael Schlegel says competing products burn soot, whereas his product burns clean and protects down to 15 below zero.

“XP3 reduces contaminants in used oil by 50 percent,” he says. “It cleans the top half engine and reduces engine wear. Takes the water and turn it into a burnable fuel.”

Schlegel says XP3 dissolves engine carbons and improves airflow, reducing emissions by 40 percent and providing better fuel economy.

Schlegel’s company guarantees a 5 percent boost in fuel economy, “because you get a more complete burn of the fuel.”