Mack to assemble heavy-duty drive axles at Hagerstown

As part of a $30 million investment in its Hagerstown, Md. plant, Mack Trucks will begin assembling all Mack heavy-duty drive axles and machining all Mack carrier housings at the plant, the company said today.

The plant produces all Mack engines and transmissions, said John Walsh, Mack vice president of marketing.

“Coming on the heels of the $8 million investment that brought production of the mDRIVE transmission to Hagerstown last year, this decision is another indication of our commitment to excellence in integrated powertrain design and manufacturing,” he said.

The investment will also be used for upgrades to the engine assembly process, and centralization of aftermarket core warehousing operations. Full implementation of the axle operations should begin in 2015.