DOT’s deputy director stepping down, FHA admin. to assume role

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The Department of Transportation’s John Porcari, deputy secretary, will be leaving his post at the start of the year, according to emails circulated to DOT employees this week by Porcari and Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx.

Foxx has said he’s tapped the Federal Highway Administration’s Administrator Victor Mendez to take Porcari’s job as deputy director.

In his note to DOT employees thanking Porcari for his work in the department, Foxx said Porcari helped streamline internal processes and “cut government red tape” and boost the department’s Buy America program.

“Through these programs and so many others, John is leaving the department and the nation’s transportation system stronger than when he started,” Foxx wrote. “Both Secretary LaHood and I have benefited from having him by our sides at every step of the way.”

Mendez will assume the position Jan. 1.

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