Charts: ‘Driver satisfaction’ unchanged, despite weather, regulatory changes

Updated Sep 5, 2014

Despite severe winter weather and “renewed economic and regulatory pressures” on trucking, drivers were no more dissatisfied with their jobs in the winter of 2014 than they were two and a half years earlier, according to charts released this week by Stay Metrics. 

Stay Metrics conducts “attitude surveys” of drivers for carriers in an attempt to help them lower turnover rates, a practice the company began in 2012. 

“Recent analysis” of its latest surveys has “yielded surprising results,” it says, “given ongoing turbulent economic times and renewed economic and regulatory pressures on the trucking industry.” 

The conclusion, as the charts below indicate, is that despite economic, regulatory and seasonal challenges, driver satisfaction as measured by Stay Metrics’ surveys has changed little since it began tracking it in 2012. Overall, according to Stay Metrics’ charts, drivers are somewhere between neutral and satisfied, leaning closer to satisfied. 

What do you make of the survey data? Drop a comment below to tell us.

Here are the charts: 

Chart from Stay MetricsChart from Stay Metrics
Chart from Stay MetricsChart from Stay Metrics

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