Pride Transport adjusts driver pay, bonus, holiday packages

Pride Transport announced several changes to its pay scale, including mileage pay increases, for all incoming drivers and existing refrigerated drivers. The company’s new Pay For Performance plan gives each driver at least a 2-cent increase, bringing its pay range to 33 to 42 cents per mile depending on experience.

Also under the new plan, drivers can earn additional pay increases every 10 months. They will be given points for miles, fuel efficiency and on-time performance each month, with a maximum score of 1,000 points. When a driver accumulates 10,000 points, they earn a pay increase.

Pride drivers also are eligible for monthly mileage and fuel bonuses ranging from 1 to 7 cents per mile that are based on relevant metrics and paid the following month. The Salt Lake City-based company also announced six paid annual holidays for all drivers.