Used post-2010 sleeper trucks growing in availability, could give owner-ops chance at more fuel efficient models

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Updated Mar 20, 2015


The number of 3- to 5-year-old trucks available on the used truck market saw an uptick in recent months due to an influx in new truck orders and corresponding trade-ins, according to a recent report from the National Auto Dealers Association.

In January, 2011-2013 year-model trucks accounted for more than half (53 percent) of the used trucks available, NADA’s data shows. Trucks in that year range average $74,020, NADA says, which is “unexpectedly high.”

NADA predicts the prices to drop in the coming months, however, due to a forecasted rebound in new truck order activity and more used trucks entering the market.

Three-year-old trucks (2013 models) were obviously the most expensive in the 3-5-year subset, averaging $87,476 in January.

These charts shows which models posted the highest prices on the used market, based on their value retention:



2010 and newer model trucks produce lower emissions than previous models and generally have better fuel economy than earlier models, especially compared to 2007-2009 EGR-only engines.

So a flood of 3-5-year-old trucks could give owner-operators the chance at getting in a more fuel efficient model, especially if the anticipated supply and demand balance begins to put downward pressure on used truck prices.