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The flatbed thing is going well so far, George is getting ready to leave for a run that takes him right back by the house every couple of days, so that’s nice. I’m staying home to help the boy get ready for his first semester of college; he has chosen to get his paralegal at the good ol’ Sinclair Community College in Dayton. He wants to make sure he has a proclivity for the law before he decides to invest about a hundred thousand dollars in a law degree, and we’re happy he’s being prudent with his future.

I’m also preparing for GATS. I’m a little nervous because we’re actually going to have to stand up in front of people and not be weird in the Landstar Health Pavilion. George won’t have a problem, he can talk to anyone, so I’ll be quiet as much as possible and let him do the talking, and everything will be just fine and no one will think I’m the weird quiet kid in the corner at all. I’m probably doomed, but I’m going to make the best of it and enjoy a really cool health pavilion I’m really excited about being a part of. You should definitely check it out if you’re going to be there, and you can go for free if you pre-register here.

I’d like to thank everyone for the positive feedback we’ve gotten on the switch from van to flatbed. It’s really, really nice to have friends like Dennis Mintling, who don’t mind giving in-depth information and helpful tips only people who have actually run the load would know. It’s also cool that he knows what’s going to happen in 2048, and has Awesome Dust instead of particulates exiting the exhaust of his Freightliner. (Side note: The last sentence is clearly a joke only Dennis and Michelle will get — I’m just making sure they’re paying attention – we love the Mintlings and appreciate them for extending nothing but hospitality and help since we joined the Landstar family.)

notes on solutions (2)Helping each other be better at what you do is really what it’s all about out here. Our buddy, Tex Crowley, did a video a while back about it, and it’s good enough to revisit. Tex will be at GATS, making trucking videos for free. Here’s info if you’re interested.

The natural progression of anything is for those who know how to do something to teach others, both by example and by imparting the knowledge verbally. If you want to improve the industry, be a part of the solution by helping out, and maybe giving someone something they didn’t necessarily learn in driving school, or from a trainer. It will only make your job easier in the long run, by having safer, more productive, happier drivers on the road. Everyone likes to feel like someone has their back, that’s what fellowship is about.

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We are really looking forward to GATS, and the opportunity to see our friends from the industry. It’s always a big creative charge to be around the talented, neat people we have the good fortune of knowing. I’m still really humbled by all the readers we meet at shows, and it always reinforces my belief that there are a lot more good people in this industry than bad. I’m also reminded that everyone has a story, and while they’re all different, we’re all out here trying to do the same thing – make a living and go home alive – even if it’s just for 34 hours at a time.

Let’s go truckin’! See you at GATS!

Tex Crowley’s “Life of a Trucker” series of operator profiles:

[youtube bMyBVbYYqrg&list=PLc1lg9rs1dUBjTIcd7D4XmgIH1PUSR6vC nolink]