When in doubt, change it out

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One of the most important traits for a trucker to have is the ability to revise a plan and make it work. They do it every day, and if it’s something you can’t or won’t do, you won’t make it long in the business.

Winter-time blues for platform work and the end of the frame game caused George to do just that. When I got up this morning, he announced he had made an executive decision to go back to van freight. I was a little shocked.

“You’re going to do what?”

“I’m going to pick up a van. I dropped my flatbed off for inspection and I’m picking up a van.”

“For real?”

“Babe, I need to roll as much as possible right now — there’s more van freight than flatbed freight on the boards, and they’re paying about the same. I’d rather have a choice between 50 loads than 5 loads. I can move more, and when I’m ready, I can go get a flatbed again. Landstar doesn’t care what kind of trailer I rent. It’s one of the few advantages to not having my own.”

I got nothing against van freight — it all pays the bills — but the truck looks so much leaner with a flatbed on her. Sniff.

Remember this?Remember this?

So, here’s a great example of altering the plan. As much as he loves flatbed, he’s willing to make the change for the sake of increasing his earning potential. When things change, we’re lucky enough to have the capability to switch back. I realize not everyone has that advantage, and we’re thankful for it.

It’ll be weird to get used to seeing a box behind Precious again, but good news – the headache rack doesn’t have to be taken off, so yay for that. Let’s go swing some doors.