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This past July, I wrote about the efforts of Michael Suson and his “Truckers for Truckers (fighting against depression and suicide)” group to bring awareness to mental health issues within the trucking industry that aren’t talked about much.

Michael Suson’s “Truckers for Truckers” 2016 Cummins-powered KenworthMichael Suson’s “Truckers for Truckers” 2016 Cummins-powered Kenworth

To date, the group has grown exponentially, and the need for fellowship continues to show with new members daily. In order to continue to grow, and be able to offer resources to those in need, Michael is working to secure a nonprofit status with the IRS as a 501 ( c ) (3) charity.

Robert Palm, of understands the time-consuming nature of obtaining charity status, and because he also understands the importance of Michael’s mission, the charity has offered to partner with Truckers for Truckers in a fiscal sponsorship agreement. This will enable Truckers for Truckers to have immediate nonprofit status, and donations made to the group will be tax deductible.

Press Release: 01 October 2016
Depression in the Professional driving industry is a serious issue. Trucker Michael Suson is focused on helping those that are in need of help when fighting depression and thoughts of suicide. Michael has created a Facebook page as a place where truckers can discuss issues, have an outlet, and be assured that, although it is lonely out there, they are not alone.

Operating such a platform is challenging at best. In order to fulfill his chosen mission, Michael is working to secure nonprofit status with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) Charity. That is a daunting, expensive, and with current backlogs at the IRS; a time consuming task.

To bring Truckers for Truckers immediate nonprofit status, Michael has entered into a “fiscal sponsorship” agreement with Effective 01 October 2016 Trucker for Truckers is a Special Program Fund of and as such, donations made to on behalf of Truckers for Truckers are tax deductible.

Within the next several days, the donation page at will be reconfigured to allow donors to dedicate funds separately to either organization. Until then, donors for Truckers for Truckers are asked to include “SPF” on the current donation page notepad. is an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) Charity Organization with a distinct Mission: to reunite North American Truck Drivers and Their Family in Times of Crisis.

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We are confident that this union will further Truckers for Truckers’ place in the industry as Michael continues to build his site and acquires his nonprofit status. To donate, go to To direct funds specific to Truckers for
Truckers, simply add SPF to the donation page notepad. 

We sincerely appreciate the efforts of both groups, and are proud to support them.