BigRoad launches in-app load matching platform

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The provider of the BigRoad ​smartphone-based logbook app and DashLink electronic logging device has ​launched ​BigRoad ​Freight, a ​load ​matching platform ​built ​within ​the ​BigRoad ​app. ​The freight platform ​gives ​owner-operators ​and ​fleets the ​ability ​to ​book ​​loads ​​while ​ensuring ​quick ​payment ​and ​providing hours-of-service ​(HOS) ​visibility.

BigRoad Freight’s central information page is at this link.BigRoad Freight’s central information page is at this link.

Operators ​using ​the ​BigRoad ​app ​can ​​sign ​up ​to ​participate ​in ​BigRoad Freight. ​Once ​registered, ​drivers ​are ​sent ​push ​notifications ​recommending ​loads ​to ​them ​based ​on ​​GPS ​coordinates ​and ​available hours. ​They can ​view ​load ​details, ​including ​the ​payment terms, ​and ​choose ​to ​accept ​or ​reject ​loads ​from ​within ​the app.

BigRoad has built the on-demand freight-matching service in ​partnership ​with ​brokers, ​load ​boards, ​and ​digital ​freight ​platforms, ​bringing together loads in a simple package, the company says, improving ​speed ​and ​with a mind to bringing more ​transparency ​to ​shipper-carrier ​relations. ​By leveraging ​real-time ​location ​information ​tracked by the app as well as ​​​compliance ​availability ​data, ​shippers and ​carriers ​benefit, the company says, ​from ​improved ​schedule ​predictability ​and ​asset ​optimization. ​

BigRoad ​notes it’s “committed ​to ​developing ​partnerships ​to ​grow ​the ​number ​of ​loads ​offered ​through ​the ​platform.”

​All ​BigRoad ​app users, ​with ​or ​without ​the company’s ​DashLink ​ELD, ​can ​participate ​in ​BigRoad ​Freight, the company adds.

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