Podcast: ‘Make mad money! Be a freight broker!’: Independent James Woods on a culture of dishonesty among middlemen

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Updated Feb 16, 2024
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I’m headed to Expedite Expo up in Lexington, Ky., this afternoon, but before I hit the road, I wanted to share this week’s edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast (available up top and in the player below), a talk with owner-operator James Woods. Regular readers may well recall Woods from prior discussion of “transparency” — and past attempts to legislate it — in freight transactions.

Independent owner-operator James WoodsIndependent owner-operator James Woods

Not everyone agrees that mandated rate transparency is the way to go to fix the problems that exist — as noted Allan McCullough under that last post: “In my opinion it is nobody’s business how much I make on hauling a load, and it doesn’t seem fair that someone should be forced to share that info about their business.” Yet it’s clear that a culture exists among some middlemen that seems to normalize dishonest brokering, several examples of which Woods shares in our talk.

Also: If you missed the news of Landstar-leased Dickie Penrod’s win in the owner-operator fleet’s truck giveaway this past weekend, hear my brief interview with him at the end for a little window into just what it feels like to take home a $150K (or thereabouts) piece of equipment gratis…

Any expediters in the audience headed to the Expo? Look for me in the seminar rooms and on the show floor…