New network for emissions-maintenance service

Clean Diesel Specialists, Inc., a California-based diesel emissions services company, has launched its North American Network of licensed emissions-service centers to provide branded maintenance for the cleaning of diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts as well as related and emerging diesel emission components.

CDS technologies can clean and safely restore most DPFs and DOCs to perform “like new” when reinstalled, the company says. CDS-branded cleaning is exclusively delivered under the Clean Diesel Specialists trademark through a network of licensed affiliates. Currently, CDS services are available in 14 states, serving over 100 U.S. counties. CDS licensees have been rigorously screened and certified to ensure their ability to perform at the brand standard.

According to CDS CEO Gary R. Lloyd, “Our intent is to earn market preference and secure first-choice insistence though the delivery of consistent, best-quality DPF and DOC cleaning services.”

The CDS Network hopes to deliver on the preventive maintenance needs of a growing number of truckers whether among corporations, owner-operators or other transport businesses.

“We are strategically establishing seamless network coverage in line with logistical demand,” Lloyd addes, “creating a North American ‘diesel emissions uptime safety net.'”

You can access CDS network locations via the company website.