Volvo Trucks to deploy updated collision mitigation system later this year

The VADA system uses radar and cameras to detect objects and attempt to prevent crashes.

Volvo Trucks North America will roll out later this year an updated version of its Volvo Active Driver Assist platform (VADA) 2.0.

VADA 2.0 will be standard on new VNR and VNL models, and available on VNX models. The system updates the original VADA platform by integrating radar and camera capabilities to help drivers maintain a safe following distance through alerts, as well as emergency braking to reduce the risk of collisions.

VADA made its debut two years ago and uses camera and radar sensors to detect motorized vehicles within the vehicle’s proximity. The technology enables a series of features to activate driver alerts and foundation braking according to information detected by these advanced sensors.

Updates are slated for later this summer, with improvements scheduled to roll out through late 2020.

VADA 2.0 includes:

*Automatic Emergency Braking that uses camera and radar sensors to determine how traffic is behaving around the truck. When a vehicle is detected, audible and visual warnings alert the driver to take action. If the driver does not respond, AEB engages to mitigate potential collisions. VADA 2.0 expands the capability of AEB beyond the current VADA by allowing it to operate across multiple lanes of traffic.

*Lane Departure Warnings that alert the driver when an unintentional lane departure occurs. VADA 2.0 allows for adjustable volume and audio mute override options and enables drivers to turn off the system momentarily (10 minutes) for select functions.

*Highway Departure Warning and Braking, which automatically activates if the driver does not take corrective action after a Lane Departure Warning and the system detects that the vehicle may leave the drivable roadway, slowing the vehicle by a pre-defined speed.

*Adaptive Cruise Control with Cruise Auto Resume that enables the truck to revert back to cruising speed with Cruise Auto Resume (also known as “Slow & Go”) at speeds above 10 mph.

*Driver Awareness Support, which offers an in-cab windshield-mounted camera.

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