CarriersEdge launches new trip planning, delivery training course

| December 08, 2017

CarriersEdge launched a new training course to help drivers learn how to better maneuver tight, congested deliveries.

Online trucking training provider CarriersEdge has introduced a new course to help drivers learn how to best maneuver in tight, congested conditions while making deliveries.

The new training module, “Trip Planning, Parking and Deliveries,” uses a mixture of text, graphics and photos, real-life illustrations, quizzes and more to deliver the content to drivers.

The 70-minute course can be taken as a whole or in three shorter modules. The “Trip Planning” module teaches how to research new delivery locations and identify potential pitfalls, such as low bridges and busy intersections. The “Parking” module covers the hazards of distraction and complacency as drivers become more familiar with routes and destinations. Finally, the “Deliveries” module teaches drivers how to stay safe while on a customer’s property.

Interested drivers can sign up for the course at the CarriersEdge website.

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