Tonight: CSA 2010 round robin, webinar on gaining authority

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A message yesterday from the folks with about their online radio show, Truth About Trucking, scheduled for 5 p.m. EST this afternoon, detailed the 40 questions the program hopes to answer about CSA 2010 (see below for a full list), delayed from July implementation for carriers to November but no less fraught with complexities and, yes, areas provoking all manner of lines of inquiry. Truth About Trucking host Allen Smith collected the questions direct from drivers and owner-operators. Click here to tune in online, or call in at 5 p.m. EST to (347) 826-9170.

The questions were answered in some form in Overdrive‘s complete March CSA 2010 coverage, too, to which I contributed; you can check out the digital edition here, and, if you haven’t yet seen it, don’t miss my vid with CSA pilot carrier Kennesaw Transport driver Steve Bugg (embedded below).

After you listen in there, come back to Overdrive for the latest installment of our webinar series, this one devoted to the subject of getting your own authority as an owner-operator, with OD columnist and radio host Kevin Rutherford. All basics, perils and potentials involved will no doubt come up. It’s at 8 p.m. CST, and you can register and find out more via this page.

Here’s that vid:

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And here are those questions for the “40 Questions, 40 Answers” program today:
1) What is CSA 2010?
2) How is it different from the old method of measuring safety performance?
3) What are the 7 areas of safety measurement?.
4) What are the point values for each of the violations within the 7 BASIC categories?
5) Who receives the violations?
6) Do drivers receive all violations that the carrier receives?
7) Can a carrier get rid of violations on their record by firing a driver?
8) When will CSA 2010 be in force?
9) Will drivers and carriers “start from scratch” when the CSA 2010 system begins measuring and evaluating carriers?
10) What about new drivers? What data will be used?
11) Will violations, citations, or warnings issued against a driver while driving his/her personal vehicle be placed into the driver’s data in CSA 2010?
12) Will the severity weighting points for violations discovered during a roadside inspection be assigned to a driver’s CDL following the inspection?
13) When hiring a driver, does the driver’s CSA 2010 data get added to the new company’s CSA 2010 data?
14) Will violations and crashes stay with a driver who continually jumps from company to company?
15) Where will violations involving owner operators operating under a carrier DOT number show up in the CSA 2010 system?
16) Are there any violations that only the driver is held responsible for?
17) Will warning tickets be counted against the driver and carrier in CSA 2010?
18) Can warnings be contested?
19) Can you contest erroneous information in the CSA 2010 database?
20) What information will the roadside inspector see?
21) How often is the information in the SMS data system updated?
22) Who sees the safety performance of a driver?
23) Will the FMCSA notify the driver’s carrier if they take action against a driver?
24) Can a driver lose his/her CDL if the CSA 2010 system “flags” the driver as being a poor driver?
25) Are drivers rated?
26) How does a carrier become a candidate for an Intervention?
27) Is there a greater chance that you will be pulled in for an inspection if your company has a poor safety record?
28) Can a driver find out what their company stats are to determine how safe they are considered?
29) What is Safety Fitness Determination? SFD?
30) What is the Pre Employment Screening process?
31) Why was PSP Created?
32) What information is in the PSP?
33) Will carriers be able to see driver BASIC scores in the CSA 2010 or PSP systems?
34) Can an employer request a PSP for an existing driver?
35) Who can receive a copy of the PSP?
36) How does an operator-applicant know that their information was not released without his/her consent? Is the operator-applicant notified each time information is released?
37) Will non-motor carrier entities such as insurance companies be able to access this information?
38) What if I find wrong information in my PSP record, or a driver contests the information in their PSP record?
39) How does CSA 2010 affect Canadian and Mexican carriers?
40) Will data eventually “fall off” of the system, or will violations and crashes be counted against a carrier or driver forever?

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