The case against locking the trailer; Sioux City salute

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Cargo theft is on the rise, we report this month in Truckers News, and truckers using rear adjustable bar locks on their vans may be an ever-more-frequent reality. But for every argument there’s an at least somewhat valid counterargument, and one hauler’s unfortunate truck fire on I-70 in Indiana near Terre Haute points to the, at least occasional, potential beauty of the convenience of an unlocked trailer.

WTHI television in Terre Haute reported Friday when one lane of westbound I-70 reopened after a closure caused by an accident and subsequent fire that consumed the rig of a tractor-trailer hauling, well, fire extinguishers. Fortunately, “there were no injuries,” the station reports on its website. Video and photos of the early A.M. scene here.

On a more merry note, the Sioux City, Iowa, Fox affiliate KPTH reported on an event cosponsored by Great West Casualty, Sam’s Club and Truck Haven restaurant in the Sioux City Sam’s Club parking lot this weekend, where free lunch was served to any long-haul driver who stopped in. It was local businesses’ way of saying thanks to the drivers who keep America moving, reporters said. Video from the event is here.