Got snow?

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Winter0001 2Here in the Southeast (though in Nashville I’m approaching the region’s northern edge), it’s been uncommonly wintry this week, as you can see from this pic, taken at the Love’s on Trinity Lane at I-65. Further South, things have been much worse, though, evidenced in part by Myrtle Beach, S.C.-based driver Vernon Cook’s 24-hour wait at an I-285 junction with I-75 reported on by the Associated Press here.

You can be certain he wasn’t the only one stuck into Tuesday. Jeff Clark, a driver who’s had some bad luck in recent times with weather (you’ll recall his sojourn out on I-40 during the Nashville flooding in May last year), “thanked” the state of Georgia for its attention to the roads as he spent Monday night on 285. He also saw plenty moments of four-wheeler/truck camaraderie, too, with OTR haulers in certain instances helping out stranded motorists.

“Last night truckers came through and you did see the Knights of the Highway,” Clark posted on his Facebook page yesterday.

Stay warm…

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