Latest distraction: Hauler takes on-highway health to new heights

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Updated Mar 30, 2011

Some truck drivers in Germany are on a health kick perhaps more extreme than that of their U.S. counterparts. Near the western city of Munster, the website of Germany’s English-language daily the Local reported, a hauler was spotted on the autobahn weaving as he overtook vehicles ahead. As police gave chase, the unmistakable glint of chrome dumbbells was observed reflecting the sun in the cab compartment as the driver got his workout in at high speed.

“When they caught up with him at the Tecklenburger Land rest stop, the man became ‘unreasonable,'” the Local reported. “He claimed that there was no law against staying fit while driving.” He was fined 80 Euro and a point on his license.

The crew of U.S. drivers/owner-operators behind the 61+ Health Awareness Walk, the Trucking Solutions Group’s Driver Health Council, are hosting the event again at MATS in Louisville a week from Saturday on April 2. It’s a 1.5-mile non-competitive walk on the grounds of the convention center to raise the awareness of truckers’ needs to live a healthier lifestyle, named apropos of a stated goal to raise the average top of the lifespan for professional drivers. For more about a new initiative from TSG’s health group, keep it tuned to Channel 19 in the next days… Find details about the walk here. And here’s the Facebook event page for the walk.