Blacked out for the night?

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How long before Class 8 trucks come equipped with SmartGlass technology? Lately making inroads in concept cars at auto shows around the world, the SPD-Smart window-tint technology by Research Frontiers enables a vehicle’s operator to, with the push of a button, apply varying degrees of tint to one or more windows to keep the outside out. I can’t help but see potential applications for night haulers looking for some shut-eye in the heat of a particularly hot summer day — and others.

Daimler is utilizing the technology today in the sunroof of the Mercedes-Benz SLK, and at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September  included it in the side and rear windows of the Viano Vision Pearl concept van. Next stop, Freightliner Cascadia?

Take a tour mini-tour through the technology via the brief Research Frontiers vid of the Viano van below, or find more on their technology at their website.

[youtube 7oT0AI4syzU nolink]