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Go Guy ‘pocket urinal’ pitchman ‘Go Cousin Vinny’


“As spring approaches,” runs the latest press release from the makers of the Go Guy pocket urinal (motto: “When there is nowhere to go, go where you are”), “more truckers will be heading out onto the open road to haul their wares from state to state” — a pretty blanket statement, but likely valid considering historical seasonal upticks. “And in light of this,” the release continues, “U-R-IN Control … has a dire warning this spring for truckers and other long-haul drivers who think that ‘holding it for as long as they can’ is a sensible strategy for dealing with the urge to urinate: on the contrary, it may be extremely dangerous to one’s health.”

Company Partner Ron L. Wierks noted “long-term health effects” such as repeat urinary tract infections and more short-term problems — for instance, the potential of an involuntarily wet, sopping mess.

But a YouTube vid with a Go Guy pitchman may be an ultimately more effective seller. Drivers, meet Go Cousin Vinny:

[youtube umM66eXM5Xk nolink]


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