A wife’s tribute to her longtime owner-operator

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Updated Sep 27, 2012

Longtime Channel 19 readers may recall Valerie Hemmings, the wife of a long-in-business owner-operator Clive Hemmings and who last year in July wrote in with a call for haulers to stand together for better rates. Shortly after that, tragically, her husband, Clive, passed away.

“He was actually on a load to Florida,” Hemmings tells the story. “I had just met him earlier that night and took his soup to him for the journey.  He bought gas for my car and cleaned my windshield and kissed me goodbye.” At around 5 a.m. the morning of September 27, 2011, Hemmings received a call telling her her husband was at a fueling station in Valdosta, Fla., “a bit disoriented, and they would have him checked out.”

Clive HemmingsA blood vesssel in his brain had broken, however, and paramedics could not stop the bleeding. He died a few days later.

“It has been a rough ride,” says Hemmings, “but God has helped me to get this far. [Clive, pictured] loved trucking and he was a wonderful husband and friend.

“I just want to say something about him to the world.”

Following find Hemmings’ tribute to her owner-operator.

Clive Hemmings
Oct. 11, 1954-Sept. 30, 2011

There was something special about this man
And if you’ve met him in his life time you will surely understand
His kindness for others was his guiding light
And his passion for driving an awesome delight

A few hours with Clive and you would always be thrilled
He had a library of information and could give you your fill
Whether about his experiences on the road or life in the early days
You could relive the past with Clive in his own unique way

He had a love for his son and sisters that was easily recognized
Raymond, Phyllis and Blossom were the apples of his eyes
He had a pleasant demeanor that cultivated many friends
And his relationship with his trucking buddies lasted to the end 

He lived a life of purpose and has gone on before
As a husband to me, he was worth more than gold
His cheerful voice and laughter was like refreshment to my thoughts
Clive, my precious love will always live within my heart