Radio check from under the ice bucket; And a two-wheeler’s salute

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Updated Aug 29, 2014

CyclingVia Facebook, this sharing-the-road bit of kudos for professional drivers was delivered by Brian Patrick Deegan: “I am not a trucker. I’m a long-distance road-biker. Last night I finished riding at two a.m. and every single semi that passed me moved over to the left lane before passing. I just wanted to thank you guys for looking out and let you know just how much I appreciated that. You guys are the best drivers on the road, in my opinion.”

I’ll second that notion — big ups for the S.E.L. Inc driver in the Peterbilt this morning making a turnaround at Scott and Franklin streets. to get back going west on Eastland in my Nashville neighborhood. You could have made that right onto Franklin without waiting for me to pass, but hey, here’s to you for the courtesy stop!

ice bucketThat boy’s scared of the ice — look how fast he’s chewing that gum
So here’s to Wendy Parker, my colleague in blogging here at, who among the dignitaries (Mike Ryan, Mike Rowe, and all of you) she called out in she and George Parker’s video’d ice-bucket challenge a week ago was … me. This one’s for you, Wendy … a-and for Misters Max Heine and James Jaillet — consider yourself challenged. 

Owner-operator Richard C. Lindom Sr. of Baylor Trucking, Read more about his involved in the Baylor ALS initiative at GAT via this link.Owner-operator Richard C. Lindom Sr. of Baylor Trucking, Read more about his involved in the Baylor ALS initiative at GAT via this link.

Following my talk with Baylor Trucking-leased owner-operator Richard Lindom at the Great American Trucking Show, I happened to mention to him that I remained under a challenge at that point. Friday afternoon worked out just perfectly to do it — the mercury at or above 100 F, I would need even an hour to sit down somewhere and dry off before the Trucker Talent Search event. Plus: The Baylor Trucking story is one that would inspire anyone to at least donate to ALS research/therapy research, if not dump some cold water on their head and challenge someone else to do so. Cari Baylor was on-hand — she’s the daughter of second-generation company head Bob Baylor, who was diagnosed with ALS within the last year. 

So, well, I made a small contribution and figured I’d pass it along. Enjoy, Ch19ers (that’s a bit of Tony Justice’s “Bull Wagon Train” in the background, fyi). Anybody out there accepted Wendy’s challenge as yet? If you haven’t yet read her post on the subject of ALS, the former nurse explained the challenges of the ALS condition quite well; read it at this link. 

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P.S.: Looks like I was also challenged by driver Bettina Cameron, whose own vid is here:

[youtube HFNPDoDio30 nolink]