Shout to a shipper


Dave Palmer

The picture in some respects says it all. That’s not Holly Knoll Services independent dump owner-operator Dave Palmer’s company hat, after all. Rather, it’s from a shipper based in Columbia, S.C., he felt deserved a little recognition for their operations — focused on getting drivers in, out and down the road in an efficient manner.

Such topics were in the news this week with J.B. Hunt’s white paper on load/unload efficiency at facilities and a lively conversation ongoing among readers in the comments here.

Whether such studies amount to more than a hill of beans — more than just talk, shouting, white papers… — in the national landscape for the serial detention issues at grocery warehouses and a myriad other locations remains to be seen. Success negotiating, and then enforcing, detention-pay in contracts will be key, readers suggested.

As regular voice of wisdom “Joe Schmoe” put it in his comments under the piece: “The only way shippers and consignees will pay attention is when it costs them to delay a truck.”

There’s always another load, he noted, as did others — if refusal to deal with serial dock offenders is the price of dealing with the problem, so be it.

As for Palmer, he gives credit where it’s due. What’s your best shipper or receiver when it comes to dock efficiency?

Catch a few more shots of Palmer’s 2012 T800 dump below. Palmer told the story of the truck’s purchase and a myriad emissions-system issues he’s had with it as part of the truck-purchasing feature package that hit the site this week at this link.

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