What’s the best smartphone app out there for document capture/scanning?

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When I got my first smartphone several years back now, I pretty quickly came to appreciate the functionality of the camera, combined with software in the phone, to function pretty much as good as any flatbed-type document scanner. Early on, I found the CamScanner Android app and have used it pretty exclusively for this function ever since, though I know there’s likely something out there available now that could be better. CamScanner’s not bad itself, offering pretty good doc optimization and easy pdf output, likewise ways to share directly via email and the host of other methods of communication the phone’s apps enable.

If you’ve not ever tried out the CamScanner app, it’s available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices via this link.If you’ve not ever tried out the CamScanner app, it’s available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices via this link.

I’ve used it to capture and transmit home refinance documents, short story manuscripts, trip expense reports, receipts, simple illustrations I wanted a photo-copy-like treatment on, etc. Your business no doubt benefits from the use of such an app on a daily basis. For those of you who use one or another, whether a trucking-specific platform with such functionality (like the new Truckerline app I wrote about yesterday, uDrove, DriveAxle or one among the many others) or a consumer variety, what is it and what do you like/wish were better about it? Drop a note in the comments below.

A colleague here is putting together something of a survey of the landscape for such apps, and he’d appreciate any input you may have at all. Me, too. Anybody have a tip on the absolute best app for this purpose for Android? I’m all ears. . .

Here’s wishing safe running this weekend for those on the road.

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