Plane nearly crashes into truck | Avoid the dreaded 'driver's tan'

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Updated Aug 16, 2023

A small crop dusting plane came just feet from crashing into the windshield of a truck moving at highway speeds on U.S. 30 in  LaPorte County, Indiana on Tuesday.

“Afterwards I continued on my way,” the driver, Clifton Howard, 26, of North Judson, Indiana, told local news WGN9. “I didn’t change my pants or anything like that,” he said with a laugh. 

It's an unfortunate reality that some drivers consider trucks pests on the road, but that's no reason to crop dust one. While the plane might have made for a cool hood ornament for the truck, it's probably not worth the hassle. 

Pilot Flying J giving out 'Left Arm' sunscreen 

Pilot Flying J sunscreen

Long hauls on the road punish the body in many ways, but the left arm, exposed to the elements from the window, gets it worse than the right. As such, Pilot Flying J is giving out "conveniently keychain-attachable" two-ounce containers of Left Arm Sunscreen for free. Just give them your address, name, and email to get your free bottle

Overdrive's team of resident biologists and chemists analyzed a sample of the formula and concluded it would probably work on right arms, bald heads and exposed bellies as well, but in all seriousness, sun damage is no joke

Forget cracks on the dash or that hot hot seatbelt metal, medical journals have recorded the impacts of sun damage on longtime truck drivers before, nothing that the driver's side of the body sees serious impacts from sun exposure. 

From Overdrive Chieftain Todd Dills in 2019

"Among the give-or-take 2 million skin cancers diagnosed annually in the United States, the Skin Cancer Foundation has noted that well more than half occur on the left side of the body — the side, of course, most exposed to solar radiation behind the wheel."

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