Idaho produce hauler’s 2023 Peterbilt 389X

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Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Eagle Eye Produce and it’s trucking division, Eagle Eye Logistics, own this special-edition 2023 Peterbilt 389X model -- number 26 of the 1,389 that will be built this year.

Eagle Eye Director of Transportation Justin Clement showed the truck at the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville back in March, just a week after the truck arrived at the company's headquarters. The rig had 1,900 miles logged on it at the show, and those were from the trip from Idaho to Louisville. 

389X badgeClements said that Eagle Eye owns a 379X from when Peterbilt produced the special edition for its previous long-hood model, so Peterbilt reached out when the 389X launched to see if the fleet wanted one.

While the truck only had the one trip on the odometer at the time of MATS, it was to be put to work in the fleet hauling potatoes out of Idaho, onions out of Oregon and Washington, and watermelons out of California and Arizona. Eagle Eye hauls its produce across the Lower 48 and into Mexico. 

2024 Utility reefer of Eagle Eye ProduceThe truck was coupled with a 2024 Utility 3000R reefer, outfitted with Eagle Eye's graphics.

Clements said that, because the truck was so new, some custom additions the fleet planned to add to the truck had not yet arrived, but he did have plans for customization on top of the special 389X package.

Interior of Justin Clement's 2023 Peterbilt 389XThe 389X interior features plenty of badging signifying it's a special-edition Pete. Clement said the biggest adjustment to make as a driver of the truck was the digital dash, which will be standard in the new Peterbilt 589.

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Justin Clement: It's a 2023 Peterbilt 389X, number 26 of the build. They're doing 1,389 of them. We ordered last year, finally showed up. We were able to put it together in a day and then hit the trail, and we brought a load of spuds out here to one of our customers so it's fun trip.

Yeah. This is the X model, like I said, it comes with its own package. There's certain things you can change. We can do the colors, but the package is pretty much what it is and it's fun. Company colors, white and red, and we got some custom things coming for it. They didn't quite show up, but it'll be nice. Maybe next year. Maybe next year we'll have it done.

It's just got some badging in it. The door panels have badging. The seats. It's got really nice Sears seats in it, so they're comfortable leather with the badging in those. It's got different wood in it, different wood grain and things like that. But it's got this new digital dash, a little hard to get, little different to get used to. I shouldn't say hard to get used to. Just different, but it's nice. It's got a 565 Cummins with the 2,050 torque, so it runs pretty good. We got 1,900 miles on it, Idaho to here, and that's it. So it's a brand-new truck.