Older trucks holding value better since ELD announcement


Dealer and market-analyst sources report little in the way of information on retail sales of pre-2000 model-year trucks. So it’s difficult to accurately gauge whether prices were affected by the introduction of the ELD mandate final rule, containing the pre-2000 model-year exemption.

However, even with notable month-to-month swings, wholesale auction data shown in the graph above for the past two years exhibit that the older truck prices have declined at a slower rate than the newer trucks. The interactive graph above shows something of a narrowing difference between average prices for 1995-99 and 2000-04 trucks in some of the months since the mandate’s introduction in December 2015. The data comes from Overdrive sister equipment-auction information purveyor TopBid.com. (For a static image of the same graphed data, follow this link.)

Auctions can be a source for a selection of older trucks. As with any truck purchase, do the best you can to document major maintenance and other vehicle-history considerations such as engine hours, mileage, application of use and more.


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