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Updated May 2, 2018


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VDO RoadLog has a built-in thermal printer that provides an instant hard copy that resembles a traditional paper logbook grid for an inspection officer to review. A paper printout eliminates technical issues involving transferring log data that otherwise might lead to drivers handing over their personal cell phones to an officer or having the officer climb into the cab to review an electronic logging device screen. VDO RoadLog ELDs work with VDO RoadLog Office, an online fleet management tool for automated compliance reporting designed for fast, secure data transfers and automatic online record backup. The product also helps automate IRP and IFTA reporting, as well as pre-and post-trip inspections.

VDO RoadLog is designed for easy installation and use and is available without monthly fees or contracts. Optional features include Driver/Vehicle Track & Trace, Load & Trip Management, VDO RoadLog Office Advanced and VDO RoadLog Office Premium.

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Ezlogz’ all-in-one logistics platform was created by truckers for truckers. We know the last thing you need is another headache, so that’s why we made our ELD easy.

But we didn’t stop with easy. Drawing on our own years of experience in the logistics industry, we built a solution that not only complies with ELD guidelines but also includes state-of-the-art services that no other ELD provider can match.

Points-of-interest mapping technology provides up-to-the-minute information on any roadside service you may need.

Our one-of-a-kind social network keeps you connected with friends, family and the logistics industry while you’re away from home.

Stay organized by simply taking a picture of a document, then attaching it to the appropriate files or status.

Finally, and most importantly, Ezlogz is the only ELD built on game-changing blockchain technology, so your data is tamperproof and trustworthy.

Just $29.99/month gets you started, with no annual contract and our smart ELD device included.

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Ezlogz’ smart ELD: Why make it hard?

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Introducing a new and improved FleetLocate that manages any combination of drivers, vehicles and assets – and ensures compliance with federal regulations such as hours of service and driver vehicle inspection reporting – all within the same friendly easy-to-use application fleets love. FleetLocate Compliance is the electronic logging device solution that’s the right fit for your fleet. Fleet operators can manage trucks that need ELD compliance, fleet cars and vans that don’t, vehicles equipped with onboard telematics such as GM OnStar, trailers, assets and more â€” all within the single easy-to-use FleetLocate dashboard. The FleetLocate Shift companion mobile application makes HOS and DVIR reporting effortless via smartphone, tablet or rugged handheld device. Nearly a “set it and forget it” experience, FleetLocate Shift frees drivers to focus their energy on driving, not on maintaining logs. Even when you drive outside cellular coverage or tag-team with a co-driver, our app has you covered.

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Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR fleet management platform tracks assets and collects data for business insights. In addition to reducing the paperwork necessary for tracking HOS, it provides second-by-second information to help carriers reduce operational expenses, identify trends, improve business processes and build a more efficient, safe and connected fleet. In addition to ensuring ongoing ELD mandate compliance as specifications are updated, Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR ELD customers receive updated ELD mandate compliance specifications and free system installation and training. The solution also offers sophisticated truck-guide navigation and dispatch capabilities. The initial cost is $0 to lease, with an ongoing monthly fee of $51 (or higher, with add-on options) for the ELD edition.

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