FMCSA warns about pushy marketing tactics

Jill Dunn | September 02, 2011

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued an alert about companies using aggressive tactics to sell training or products or falsely claiming an association with the agency.

In recent weeks, the FMCSA has received numerous inquiries from carriers about pushy attempts to sell products such as logbooks. The agency does not sell or endorse companies marketing products. It also does not certify trainers or training companies and does not pre-approve curriculum.

When applying for operating authority, some employer information is made available on the FMCSA public website, which businesses may use to try to market to employers.

The agency wants carriers that receive advertisements improperly claiming an association with the U.S. Department of Transportation or the FMCSA to contact investigator Tom Frazier at (540) 504-6436. Carriers should also call Frazier if a business attempts to obtain banking or credit card information from truckers, if not related to a purchase.

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