Countdown to Valentine's Day!

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Come on people! Only FOUR days left to do the right thing on Valentine’s Day! What? She insists she’s not interested in a commercialized version of love? And you believe her? Clearly, you don’t read this column on a regular basis. She may tell you that flowers, candy, cards and sweet nothings don’t mean anything to her. But when the day arrives and all the other gals in the office get flowers, candy and sentimental cards, you might as well turn on the truck heater because it’s going be a long cold night in the bunk. No need to argue with me. I am right. It doesn’t make it right and I happen to agree that it’s a stupid day all the way around. But I’m here to tell you what you should do, not why you shouldn’t have to do it.

Do this:

Buy a card and write something sweet in it.

Write a poem and have it ready to email on Feb. 14.                                   

Buy her favorite candy

Order flowers to her office                                                                     2

Buy a book, CD or perfume she would not expect 

Don’t buy this:

Sugar-free candy





Big Green Egg

 Happy Valentine’s Day. Don’t fight it.

I’m just say’n,