Brenda Doss


Hometown: Corsicana, Texas
Occupation: Owner-operator
Company: Universal AmCan
Nominated by: Ira Doss

Brenda Doss 2Hard working and easy to love, Brenda jumps from her big truck to pilot car to desk and back to big truck again with no hesitation. From Specialized Automotive Transportation at Reliable to High Security Military superloads on 10-19 axles at Bennett Motor Express. Nowadays she hauls oversize loads to oilfield sites around the country for Universal AmCan. Generally running over 16′ wide and 18′ tall nothing holds her back. Somehow she still finds time to be an incredible wife and mother of three grown human children and three awesome Schnauzer children that go everywhere. The surface beauty is obvious. It’s when you look deeper that her real beauty commands respect.

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