Molly Sizer

Updated Mar 13, 2017

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Trucking has changed my life, and has made me so happy that I feel I am more beautiful and healthy inside and out. I have experienced an immense amount of personal growth that shows through in the way I do my job and interact with others. I love working and tackling the challenges that come my way. Trucking has really helped me put things in perspective and reach a level of happiness and serenity that I have never had before. I can see it in other people’s eyes when they see me getting out of my truck, their eyes light up and they smile! I have also experienced a new outlook on working with men and the dynamics that exist in that area. I have found that men want to help, and are very supportive of women that are in the industry, and that has restored my faith. I went through a period in my life where I had many serious struggles. I was defeated, discouraged and downhearted. Life started changing and getting much better after I became a career woman in the trucking industry. My dreams really came true when I was able to start working in the oil and gas industry hauling frac sand, and that’s what I do to this day. I have learned how important it is to maintain a level of professionalism for many reasons, but the biggest reason is for safety. Focusing on safety and precision in this field has raised my awareness level and creates an atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie with my supervisors and co-workers (mostly men). I have a very strong desire to shout out to other women that it’s never too late to pursue bigger and better things. Trucking is such a wonderful way to better yourself and serve America and mankind. If I were chosen as Overdrive‘s Most Beautiful it would be such and honor and I would take advantage of the opportunity to have a voice and try to make a difference somehow.

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