Kimberly Blanton

Updated Mar 13, 2017

Kimberly E1487638384128

I have watched this self taught driver go from unable to back in a parking spot to get loaded to learning how to blind side back. She is also impressive because she pulls a flatbed and has to strap, chain and tarp loads and she is about 5’3″ and gets the job done and is so polite with yes sirs and no sirs and will get out of her truck and help you pull and roll your tarps up as well. I also have seen this lady get out of her truck and help other drivers back in. Most of all she takes time to help out some unfortunate kids in her community by taking them to school and making sure that they got it together before she leaves to make her daily runs. And when she gets in that night she takes time to check on them to make sure that they are taken care of. At one time she invested in a bigger house so she could move them in and take care of them when the kids parents fell on hard times so she temporarily took custody of them and still worked every day then came home and help them with their homework and cooked and that speaks a lot for a 28 year old lady. And no matter what she makes time for church.

Nominated by friend Shannon Hicks

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