‘Ice Road Truckers’ stars make final deliveries of 11th season

| November 13, 2017

“Ice Road Truckers” stars made their final deliveries of the series’ 11th season in last week’s season finale episode.

Deteriorating ice roads and melting ice lakes, coupled with mechanical problems, made everyone’s deliveries all the more difficult in the final episode of the 11th season of the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers,” writes Overdrive sister site Truckers News Editor David Hollis.

Reno Ward, son of the late Darrell Ward, had warning lights on his dash light up letting him know he was losing air in the brake system. While in the middle of a frozen lake, Ward had to turn his truck off and get out of his truck to find the leak – two of the biggest ice road sins. Without engine noise, he found the leak and made the repair.

Todd Dewey had to make a couple of runs at an icy hill in order to make it over to make his final delivery of the season.

Steph Custance needed a chainsaw and the help of fellow Ice Road Trucker Lisa Kelly to free her from a snowbank on the side of a road.

Art Burke took a heavy load across a questionable frozen lake that was covered in standing water. He took it slow and was able to make it across without a disaster.

Finally, Lisa Kelly, as a favor for Polar Enterpises owner Mark Kohaykewych, embarked on a rescue mission for a stranded stretch trailer that she needed to fix and finish its delivery. She diagnosed the trailer’s problem as a bad air line, made the repair and then made the final delivery of the season.

See full coverage of the episode with Hollis’ recap here.

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