Walking 101

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Updated Jun 27, 2014

Walking TruckWalking is a good first step for drivers who do not exercise regularly. These tips will help you work walking into your daily schedule.

Start small: If you’re new to exercising, don’t jump into a rigorous routine. The first week, try 10 minutes of walking per day.

Form: Swing your arms as you walk to increase blood flow throughout your body.

Posture: Think tall, but don’t allow your neck or back to lock in place or feel tense.

Clothing: Choose loose, light-colored clothes.

Hydration: Carry a water bottle if venturing away from your truck. Dehydration is dangerous.

Did you know? 34 laps around your tractor-trailer is about 1 mile!


*Always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine or diet plan.

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