Melting ice causes problems for ‘Ice Road Truckers’ drivers

Lisa Kelly gets stuck on Sunday night’s “Ice Road Truckers” episode.Lisa Kelly gets stuck on Sunday night’s “Ice Road Truckers” episode.

There’s only one way to describe Sunday night’s episode of History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers, and that’s “mud-ugly,” writes Overdrive sister site’s Truckers News Editor David Hollis in his weekly recap.

The icy roads the drivers on the show normally travel are turning to a slushy mess, resulting in problems for the drivers.

Art Burke has to find away around a rapidly melting lake of ice. Lisa Kelly has Lady Luck on her side. Darrell Ward has a run-in with Polar Enterprises’ owner Mark Kohaykewych. Alex Debogorski returns after a two-week hiatus.

Catch Hollis’ full recap to see how the drivers fared via this link to Overdrive sister website

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