POLL: Weigh in with your top three on this short list for the greatest trucking song of all time

Updated Sep 16, 2021

10 years ago, around the time of Overdrive's 50th anniversary, we reached out to readers of the time for their recommendations for candidates to put to a vote for the greatest trucking song of all time. Then, we put that list up for a vote, whose results were a top 10 trucking songs of all time list that was published here. 

This year, with Overdrive's 60th anniversary ongoing, we've essentially repeated this process with you, and the time has come to weigh on this final list. Each of these received at least three nominations from different people, or got a vote by virtue of inclusion in our ongoing Songs of the Highway podcast series about the classics, or were on the prior list. Choose your favorite three in the poll below toward determining a final top 10 for 2021. 

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