Trucker appreciation, round the clock

Updated Sep 12, 2023
We appreciate you, 24/7/265 -- image for NTDAW 2023 from Overdrive

With the annual National Truck Driver Appreciation Week under way -- Sept. 10-16 -- here's a tip of the hat from all of us here at Overdrive to you. For a number of deals, discounts and other special offers and recognition efforts around trucking, follow this link. 

Pictured in the image above is one of among the hundreds of workhorses featured in Overdrive's long-running showcase of the hard work, dedication and pride owner-operators put into their work -- the Reader Rigs gallery. This unit featured there earlier this year. It's the 2002 Kenworth W900 of Cliff and Tracy Grace, who've owned the food-grade tanker puller now for around eight years. It's powered by a 475-hp 6NZ Cat with a 13 speed, hooked to a 2021 Walker tank, hauling liquid sugar out of Chicago.

Cliff has 50 years on the road behind him. Read more about the rig at this link, and access all the highlighted owner-operators and their equipment via this link to the long-running series

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