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Gender, personality traits and even more odd notions about numbers

| May 06, 2014

I heard an intriguing 20-minute program this week about people’s fascination with certain numbers. Turns out it’s more common than you think to have a favorite number. Nerdy people have done enough studies to figure out what are the most popular numbers.

mileage sign

The universally most popular number is one of the numerals in this road sign. Listen to the Radiolab podcast to find out what it is.

Some people perceive odd numbers as male, evens as female. And others see qualities, like being warm or mystical, in certain numbers, whether from their shape or what they suggest. If you’d like to listen to the podcast, it’s a one-click stream from the Radiolab website.

The program got me thinking: Your days are numbered, so to speak. Drivers are bombarded by numerical characters, more so today than ever.

Look out your windshield and you’re viewing mile markers, mileage signs, highway designations and more. Look at your dashboard and there’s mph, rpm and, if you scroll through digital readouts, a long list of other measurements. Then there’s CSA ratings, log book calculations, and on and on.

So I’m curious: Do you have a favorite or lucky number?

Do you attribute qualities to certain numbers?

Do you have a weird story or coincidence involving a number?

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And, as a side note, if you’d like to tap in to the popular Radiolab series or any other free podcast, here’s one of our 30-second Trucker Tips to get you started:

[youtube 0p6RWuEorbM&index=3&list=PLc1lg9rs1dUBVsEmkmxoTb79wBBvtynkc nolink]

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